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3Yr 2.65% (P-1.05%)! Owner Occupy LTV<70% OR LTV>80%

5Yr 2.46%(P-1.24%)! Insurance Co. New Purchase


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1 Yr  2.69%
2 Yr  3.09%
3 Yr  3.19%
5 Yr 3.14%

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  • Step 3: The bank branch most convenient for you, either by location or choice, will contact you to set up an appointment in order to finalize your mortgage. At the same time, your lawyer will receive Mortgage Instructions.


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第一步:    下载申请表Download the Form

              电邮: or

      传真: 1-888-600-1538

第二步:  本中心致电您确认具体信息和利息, 2 日内交付批准合约.

第三步:     您到本中心指定的,距离您最近的银行分行或您的律师行完成最后签字.



1.       房屋贷款:自住房,投资房,新移民,自雇,非居民,低收入等各类贷款办理

2.       建筑贷款:  土地融资,大小型工商物业和新建民房等

3.     商物业贷款:汽车行业(加油站,洗车行等),教堂,酒店,工业,休闲(高尔夫球场,商务码头,露营地等),医疗,混合功能物业如购屋中心,办公楼,停车场,自用商物业,康复中心,零售,存储仓库等等

4.       多家庭楼宇:公寓加底商,疗养,寄宿中心,公司共管公寓,高层公寓,历史遗迹物业,廉租公寓,老年公寓,学生宿舍等等

5.       各类工程融资:卫生保健类工程,能源类工程,交通运输类工程,工业生产制造,娱乐设施,环境保护,通讯类,矿业,石油及油气田及相关工程

6.       生意贷款:设备租赁;采购订单融资;仓储融资;进出口保付代理;进出口融资;现金流融资;应收账款融资;国际贸易融资; 资产担保贷款;权益资本融资;应收账款贷款;营运资金贷款

7.       欢迎登记成为本公司放贷人!


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Focal Mortgage - the Mortgage Centre (LIC10427)  is an authorized mortgage brokerage by TD, Scotia Bank......over 82 Banks and Institutions.

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                       (Each MCC franchise is independently owned and operated)

 *List Rates herewith are not suitable for everyone, lenders request your qualified credit, income, mortgage amount, residential properties only and may be changed without notice. Suggest you call us to confirm again!

注意:本中心公布的贷款利息不适合所有客户. 金融机构需要对您的申请贷款条件例如信用,收入水平,房屋用途等等 进行考核,利息如发生紧急变化,本网站可能不能及时更新,依据电话及时查询为准.



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